International Fair Play Passport


The “International Fair Play Passport” was born in Olympia, on June 3, 2023 in a collaboration between the Italian Olympic Academy (AONI) and the Hellenic Olympic Academy (HOA), under the auspices of the International Fair Play Committee, the European Fair Play Movement, the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the Italian National Fair Play Committee and the National Platform for Sport Integrity.

During the official launching ceremony of the “International Fair Play Passport”, the following authorities were present: Mr. George Mavrotas OLY, Secretary General of Sports and President of EPATHLA, Mr. Ioannis Psilopoulos, Secretary General EFPM, Ing. Mauro Checcoli OLY, President AONI and Mr. George Alikakos, President HOA.

Total Energies is the National partner and Allianz is the International partner of the programme.

The “International Fair Play Passport” programme was created to promote Olympic values and values in all sports.

The sociologist prof. Gennaro Testa, who created the “Passport Fair Play” in Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture for 2022, presented it in Brussels in 2022 and initiated the “International Fair Play Passport” in 2023.

A creative way to promote Olympic values as a proof that a person embraces Olympic and Sports values.

While our passports today, define our national borders, the “International Fair Play Passport” goes beyond them uniting all territories and people worldwide regardless of their different national identities.

For the holders of the “International Fair Play Passport”, respect is the number one rule. Not only in sports but also in everyday life, sport associations, schools, and within families, as it is a way of thinking, a way of behaving, and a philosophy of life…

The “International Fair Play Passport” has the potential to shape a global sports culture and a total inclusion within sports; since Olympic Values have a strong social impact against deception, physical and verbal abuse/violence, exploitation, excessive commercialization and corruption.

Each country may choose two athletes, one male and one female to contribute with their message on Olympic Values and Fair Play.

The “International Fair Play Passport” can be in digital or printed form, or both, adding also the year, the country and a serial number.

Finally, an important element is that the “International Fair Play Passport” can be used as a prestigious award at events and programmes as a way to encourage the development of Olympic values in each country.