Passport of Sport Values

On June 3rd 2023, in Ancient Olympia, a place with great symbolism, where the Olympic Games were born, from the passport of Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022 was born, the "International Fair Play Passport", launching a strong message of symbolism in Olympic values.

The International Fair Play Passport was born in Olympia, on June 3rd 2023

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What is the Passport?

This is the Passport

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Sport is Culture

The right to be protagonists without the obligation to be champions

How was it born?

The island of Procida was the Italian capital of culture 2022.

The project “Procida where sport is also culture” and the “Fair play Passport of Procida” were created by prof. Gennaro Testa, sport sociologist, creator and author of the International Fair Play Passport, owner of the copyright.

During the ceremony in June 3rd in Olympia, Greece, the Procida Passport evolved into the International Passport, in collaboration between the Italian Olympic Academy (AONI) and the Hellenic Olympic Academy (HOA).

Who is it for?

The passport isn’t only for athletes, technical officials, referees, coaches and federations but also for society, schools, universities, clubs and institutions.

It’s a model of behavior that serves as an example, in sports and in daily life.

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How to get it?​

International FairPlay Passport has International Copyright ©

Written authorization is required for programming and dissemination


The project for the International Fair Play Passport envisages the creation of a platform operating on ​blockchain technology, which will allow the use of this technology to make the passports issued “unique”​.​

The blockchain will function as a ledger, tracking every entry on the chosen network (e.g.,Ethereum); it is also self-verifying, meaning that the entire network of nodes (various computers participating in the network) will constantly check and protect every data entered.​

The final result will therefore allow a specific passport to be “linked” to a number and an athlete, in a clear, unalterable, and immutable way. The pairing of such technology will add value to the entire project and also to the passport’s brand equity.​

In summary, a platform (accessible online from a web address) will be created where an operator can “create” a new passport and link it to an athlete. This entry will be recorded on the blockchain permanently, providing ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE of the passport’s authenticity around the world.​

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